October 22, 2023

Appendix with an inguinal hernia

Amyand’s hernia An inguinal hernia sac can contain essentially any organ within the lower abdomen. When the appendix is found within an inguinal hernia sac, it […]
October 22, 2023

Retrocardiac soft-tissue density

Sliding hiatal hernia Hiatal hernia is a type of acquired hernia that occurs when abdominal structures herniate through the esophageal hiatus, typically the stomach. There are […]
October 22, 2023

Bilateral pelvic hernias

Inguinal hernia Inguinal hernias can be classified as direct or indirect, depending on whether the herniation occurs through the internal inguinal ring (indirect) or through the […]
October 22, 2023

Stomach herniating above diaphragm

Sliding hiatal hernia There is superior displacement of the gastroesophageal junction and gastric cardia through the esophageal hiatus. When the esophageal B ring and gastric folds […]
October 22, 2023

Rectus abdominis intramuscular mass

Desmoid tumor Desmoid tumors are locally aggressive but are benign tumors and sometimes referred to as aggressive fibromatosis. They can occur spontaneously, in sites of prior […]
October 22, 2023

Esophageal Stricture (long-segment)

Iatrogenic (nasogastric tube, NGT) NGTs prevent the lower esophageal sphincter from closing, allowing the acidic gastric contents to bathe the lumen of the distal esophagus. Mucosal […]
Retroperitoneal fat herniating though the posterior abdominal wall
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