Is this a technically adequate exam?
What type of lesion have you identified?
* Follicle = Simple cyst ≤ 3 cm in premenopausal group
** Corpus Luteum = Thick walled cyst ≤ 3 cm that may have crenulated inner margins, internal echoes and intense peripheral color Doppler flow. CL can sometimes appear as a hypoechoic region in the ovary with peripheral vascularity without a characteristic cystic component
† Typical Paraovarian Cyst: Simple cyst separate from the ovary
†† Typical Peritoneal Inclusion Cyst: Fluid collection (± Septations) with ovary at margin or suspended within that conforms to adjacent pelvic organs
§ Typical Hydrosalpinx: Anechoic, fluid–filled tubular structure (± Incomplete septation and ± Endosalpingeal folds)
What one bests describes the benign ovarian lesion?
* Reticular pattern = fine, thin intersecting lines representing fibrin strands
** Retractile clot = intracystic component with straight, concave, or angular margins
* In any plane
How is the composition of the lesion?
Cystic* = with or without internal echoes or incomplete septations
How is the external contour of the lesion?
Does the lesion show acoustic shadowing?
How many chambers does the cyst have?
How are the septations (if applicable) and internal contour of the lesion?
Are there internal echoes (i.e., acoustic shadowing) and/or incomplete septations?
Is the patient pre-menopausal or post-menopausal?
Is the patient pre-menopausal or post-menopausal?
Is the patient pre-menopausal or post-menopausal?
How many papillary projections* can you identify?
* Subtype of solid component surrounded by fluid on 3 sides
What is the lesion's color score?
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