Liver Volume (Ultrasound, CT, MRI)

Calculate the liver volume as well as the expected liver volume, based on MRI, CT, or US.

Liver Volume

CT/MRI measurements

US measurements

Expected Liver Volume based on Height and Weight

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Liver Volume based on CT/MRI measurements = 0.31 × L ×W × H
Liver Volume based on US measurements using formula by Childs et al. ² = 343.71 + (0.84 × LAP× RAP × RDT)
Expected volume (Vauthery et al.³)= 1267.28 * BSA -794.41

LAP = Left lobe anterio-posterior length

RAP= Right lobe anterio-posterior length RDT = Right lobe dome to tip length

BSA = Body surface area = sqrt (weight*height/3600)

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