Prostate Volume & PSA Density

Calculate the prostate volume and/or PSA density based on measurements on MRI, CT, or US.

Prostate Volume
Optional, for calculation of PSA density
Most references recommend using the ellipsoid volume measurement. Although, some references recommend using the bullet volume measurement for glands smaller than 55ml.

Ellipsoid Prostate Volume=π/6×DAP×DL×DT

Bullet shaped Prostate Volume=π/4.8×DAP×DL×DT


DAP= Maximum diameter in the Anterior-Posterior plane

DL= Maximum diameter in the  Longitudinal plane

DT= Maximum diameter in the Transverse plane


  1. Arockia Doss says:

    Thank you for this very helpful site.

    Saves a lot of my reading time and improved my accuracy

    please check Prostate volume calculator. The calculation tool is incorrect.

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