RENAL Nephrometry score calculator

RENAL Nephrometry score is a standard way for assessment of anatomical features of renal tumors.
R: Radius-scores tumor size as maximal diameter
E: Exophytic/endophytic properties of the tumor
N: Nearness of the deepest portion of the tumor to the collecting system or renal sinus
A: Anterior (a)/posterior (p) descriptor
L: Location relative to the polar line.

RENAL Nephrometry
What is the largest diameter of the tumor (in any single plane)?
Is the tumor exophytic or endophytic?
How far is the tumor from the collecting system or sinus?
How is the tumor's location to coronal plane at level of hilar vessels?
How is the tumor's location relative to polar lines?
Does the tumor touch the mail renal artery or vein?
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