Radiology CaseBank

This free and interactive educational tool is designed to help medical trainees practice and improve their skills in radiological interpretation.

In Radiology, we have come a long way over the past century, but despite all the technological advancements, our educational materials have not changed much, and the overwhelming majority of Radiology educational resources use still images. We believe a handful of snapshots from a study that might have hundreds or thousands of images cannot adequately capture the entire radiological picture of an entity.

Radiology Case Bank is an initiative that aims to improve education in the field of radiology by offering free and interactive imaging cases in DICOM format, in order to help trainees improve their radiological interpretation skills. Each case comes with a sample report and links to reputable resources for further reading.

In order to access the case banks, you will need to register on the website. Registration is straight-forward and 100% free.

This growing collection includes a diverse selection of cases, presented in DICOM format, giving you a simulation of real life scenarios similar to interpreting cases using PACS workstations.

Radiology CaseBank has been supported by a grant from the Society of Advanced Body Imaging

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