O-RADS™ 2022

ACR's Ovarian-Adnexal Reporting and Data System Including updates to US v2022 published on September 12 2023

Which imaging modality do you want to report for?


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Source of all images in this calculator = ACR's white paper.


  1. lilian Romero says:


  2. Khine Zin Thet says:


  3. Maitray Patel says:

    This is very nice BUT need to fix one issue. When you have an ovarian lesion that has septations but NO solid component, the O-RADS algorithm for the next step is to make an assessment of whether the INNER wall and/or septations are smooth or irregular. As of right now (08/05/2023), your calculator does not include this step–instead, it incorrectly asks the user to assess the OUTER contour. Assessment of the OUTER contour is appropriate for a mass with solid components, but not for a cyst (with or without septations) that does not have a solid component. Fix this issue and the calculator will be accurate–but otherwise, nicely done.

    • Hello Dr. Patel,
      Thank you so much for bringing this error to my attention. I have made the necessary changes and now, if the lesion is completely cystic, the calculator will ask for “septations (if applicable) and internal contour” instead of the outer contour. I really appreciate your feedback.

  4. DR Laly Alex says:

    if we are using power doppler for ovarian lesion what is the color score to be followed ? If we use the routine color doppler scoring will it be an exaggeration of the score ?

  5. J Doe says:

    The report generator is brilliant. Bravo!

  6. Luis Fernando Alcívar says:

    Thank you very much for this excellent tool, congratulations. Greetings from Ecuador.

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